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What’s Your Leadership Style?

11 May 2022

Successful business depends on effective leadership. Guiding an individual, team, or enterprise organization requires intentional decision-making, clear communication, and the ability to motivate and guide. And while the idea of a “born leader” is attractive, most effective leaders learn and grow their way into the role, which is good news for organizations on the lookout for future leaders. With time, training, skill development, practice, and experience, leadership skills can be honed.

The first step on the path to effective leadership is identifying an individual’s particular style. There are several styles of leadership, and the most effective depends on your company’s mission, individual leaders, team goals, and how your employees respond to each leadership style.

What makes a good leader?

Poor leadership alienates employees, disrupts your workplace, and threatens retention. What are the hallmarks of good leadership?

Good leaders:

Leadership styles

There are several styles of leadership, some more effective than others — and some more effective in certain settings. Understanding leadership styles is the first step to learning to lead effectively. Leadership styles include:

Despite this formal delineation of leadership styles, most leaders don’t fall, or remain, within one specific category. Leadership is a fluid set of skills and behaviors, and an ability to recognize the most effective style for each situation, and shift course to align with context, is another mark of good leadership.

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