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Enhancing the Employee Experience: Purpose and Fulfillment

29 March 2022

According to a McKinsey study from 2021, 70% of employees surveyed derive their sense of purpose from their work — with a total of two-thirds working in nonexecutive roles. And while 85% of upper-level leadership feel they are fulfilling their purpose through their work, only 15% of frontline workers agreed — and nearly half of them disagreed. As far back as 2016, and well before the shakeup of 2020, 83% of workers surveyed named “meaning in day-to-day work” as essential for job satisfaction. Meanwhile, 79% of business leaders believed purpose was “central to business success,” but only 34% used their organization’s purpose to inform business decision-making.

If we were to draw one conclusion from all these statistics, it is this: Employee experience is critical for building and maintaining a successful business. Much has been said about the pandemic’s effect on work, but the idea of creating and finding value in a fulfilling employee experience isn’t new. And with personal and organizational purpose a clear priority for employees and job seekers, employers can no longer afford to disregard it.

Employee engagement

Engaged employees are enthusiastic about their work, dedicated to their organization, and confident their contributions are valuable and recognized. They define their work in terms of active, ongoing interest and positive challenge.

Fulfilled workers take engagement to the next level. They feel their work is meaningful, makes a favorable impact on their community, and provides them with personal feelings of accomplishment. They enjoy their work, recognize your company vision as one in alignment with their own, and feel connected with your company and their colleagues.

Employees with a sense of purpose are even more fulfilled at work. Their work provides them with a sense of meaning and a chance to influence your company, their community, and the world. Company values for individual purpose and fulfillment demonstrate your commitment to what matters to each of your employees.

Retention during the Great Resignation

It’s been a tumultuous two years, and the rapid changes and adjustments have shed light on our collective need for more meaning and purpose. Employees and job seekers are questioning their work-life balance and the value and contribution of their work in a business environment where everything has changed.

Among the top reasons cited for leaving jobs during what we’ve come to know as the Great Resignation, two primary factors stand out: feeling undervalued by employers and the lack of a sense of belonging at work. Leaders must recognize these situations, and build from the ground up to support a positive employee experience.

The quality of connection an employee has with their employer is shaped by interaction, policies, processes, technology, and effort. Connected employees are happier and more likely to remain with your organization, which saves you time, money, and investment in new hires while providing stability and a healthy workplace culture. It’s the employees who find purpose in their work who will drive your company forward with innovation, creativity, and collaboration — because their sense of purpose is intertwined with the visions and goals of your organization.

Plant the seeds

Making positive moves now ensures workers find and fulfill their purpose at work and makes a positive difference in the lives of your most important assets. Cultivating purpose begins here:

Enhancing your employees’ experience is vital to their success and yours. Engaged employees who feel fulfilled at work find purpose in performing better, stay in their jobs longer, and make for better brand ambassadors. Engagement. Purpose. Fulfillment. Employee experience. They’re not just the latest buzzwords. They are critical components for recruiting and retaining employees and ensuring they find long-term success and satisfaction in their work.

A clear sense of purpose at work drives individual and team success. For more ideas for bringing purpose and fulfillment to your company, and your employees, reach out to Fitch Consulting.
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