Our Purpose

Changing for goodWe are committed to changing organizations for good – to help create workplaces that are purpose driven, people centered and change inspired.

Our purpose seeks to positively influence the profound impact organizations have on our world. As workers, we contribute huge amounts of our time and effort to organizations; as consumers and citizens, our quality of life is in many ways determined by them. We believe that everybody should demand the very best from organizations, to ensure that they are forces for good.

Pivotal to changing organizations for good is a firm commitment to serving the interests of all stakeholders – employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and local communities. We start with employees because we believe this will deliver benefits to all other stakeholders.

If organizations create consistently fulfilling experiences for their employees then, in our opinion, they are already delivering significant social impact. As PI says, “Better work, Better world”.

We encourage and can help you go further. Research shows that great employee experience is driven by a clear and compelling purpose, one of the five qualities of OnFlow. By helping clarify your purpose, we provide you with the insights you need to determine how to maximize the value you deliver to all your stakeholders.

Many of our clients are committed to sustainable development and building a better world. The more we can help organizations clearly articulate their purpose and translate this into action, the further we will be on the road to achieving our purpose of changing organizations for good.