Our Service Charter

We recognize the high impact that our work has on our clients, in the way we work with internal and external stakeholders, and through the lasting organizational changes we promote. Our philosophy, values and commitments are reflected in our Service Charter.

Our service charter:

  • Promote the belief that organizations can and should be forces for good – for the people that work there as well as those that they serve.
  • Always remember that organizational change has consequences for people; be fair when dealing with people, seek to understand and respond to their concerns and co-create positive responses wherever possible.
  • Every client situation is unique. Get close to understand their uniqueness; stay objective to be best positioned to advise, be honest to be truly helpful.
  • Always build on what exists. Collaborate with client staff wherever possible, avoid doing what has been done before, focus on doing what the client cannot and develop their ability to do it themselves in the future.
  • Combine objective data analysis with the discovery of matters of mindset to make evident and properly address the root causes of problems.
  • Bring fresh and innovative ideas, inspire creative solutions, and empower the people we work with.
  • Always respect and promote cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality and age sensitivity and equality, and uphold the rights of all those that work for and with us.
  • Seek always to minimize our environmental impact, including through use of advanced communications technologies and the avoidance of unnecessary travel.