Ross van Horn, Associate Consultant

Coaching, Learning, and Facilitation Specialist

Over 20 years of diverse experience with a common focus on facilitating discovery and learning processes to bring about transformation in the ways that people, individually and in groups, work.

More than 15 years applying this experience in the private sector, government, and international development arena.

Ross is an “Individualist”: highly independent and persistent, while remaining results oriented.

Risk-taking, daring, and focus on future goals; an innovative, “outside the box” thinker who is undaunted by failure.

Independent, analytical, critical, and creative thinking and action; little need for external validation before action.

Confident in his own ideas and unimpressed with tradition.

“A joyful life is an individual creation that cannot be copied from a recipe.”
— Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Ross van Horn in his own words

Me and my PI Behavioral Assessment (BA)
My profile is an “Individualist”, independent and unique in thinking and behavior. My approach to learning and facilitation is a blend of established best practices and a focus on the uniqueness and individuality of people and groups. Usually focused on generating a positive narrative in learning experiences and facilitated dialogues, I can also be intentionally provocative, seeking to stimulate new ideas that will run the full spectrum of transformation, from the exciting phases to the difficult phases. The trait that stands out the most in my profile vis a vis facilitation, is that I strive to create an experience for clients in the moment. This experience is inclusive, provides new insights, and allows learners to collaborate or work individually depending on the learning dynamics of each situation.

Me and OnFlow

My relationship with OnFlow centers around building generative dialogues through learning, facilitation, and strategic conversations. The key driver for me is our growth mindset, which informs the way that I design and deliver learning engagements. This approach results in a collaborative Dynamic Learning experience for clients at group, team, and individual levels.

My purpose is informed by 15+ years of experience working in over forty countries as a consultant, trainer, coach, and educator. What this experience has shown me is that the opportunities for generative OnFlow moments of learning and transformation are limitless and intricately varied.

Some of my recent experiences include

  • Design, development and delivery of a multiple-cohort management learning experience for the United Nations Environment Program: our innovative Inspiring Management Excellence Course.
  • Design and facilitation of a virtual Strategy Alignment experience for UNDP Kyrgyzstan, involving multiple levels of staff, and conducted in modules over two weeks.
  • Coaching National Staff for UNICEF as part of the globally cascaded Impact+ learning experience which we have developed with UNICEF.

In addition to consulting, for 10 years I have designed and taught graduate and undergraduate university courses along the themes of Global Organizational Issues and Organizational Development.

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