Ria Dayal, Consultant Analyst

Specializing in OnFlow diagnostics and change implementation

US Citizen and Overseas Citizen of India. 20+ end-to-end organization development engagements for non-profit and for-profit (manufacturing and services) clients.  Conducted work across Africa, Middle East, Asia, United States, and United Kingdom, with extensive experience in mixed methods data collection and analysis.

Ria is a “Promoter”: casual, uninhibited, and persuasive extravert with a tendency for informality. Communicates in an uninhibited, lively, and adaptable manner, drawing others into the conversation. Accommodating; most comfortable working with others, often puts team/ company goals before personal goals. Promotes teamwork by actively sharing authority.

“All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.”
— Michael John Bobak

Ria Dayal in her own words

Me and my PI Behavioral Assessment (BA)

My profile is a “Promoter”: I am a true believer in recognizing and appreciating diverse thinking styles. I am my most creative self when I can talk through an idea with my colleagues, as I feel it empowers me to break free from habitual ways of working. My uninhibited nature encourages my colleagues and clients to think and speak freely with me, enabling me to quickly pick up on informational and behavioral cues that others might miss. My openness also creates a fertile ground for collaboration, helping me to work well in large teams and contribute to shared goals. I consider myself to be highly accountable, with some of my biggest work wins starting out as a support request from a colleague. As rightly indicated by my BA, I feel most productive when multiple challenging tasks are thrown at me at once and I’m put in situations that push me to grow my existing knowledge and skillset. For example, I would consider a successful week to be one in which I have had the opportunity to work on a live client deliverable, put together a compelling proposal for a prospective client and advance the development of value adding OnFlow products.

Me and OnFlow

I view OnFlow as an organization state in which business and customer success is directly linked to people success.

I have worked with clients across diverse sectors and in varying stages of maturity. I have noticed that most organization distress stems from people needs and business needs becoming divorced from one another. My philosophy and approach to organization transformation is to develop a full appreciation of the individual, political and cultural factors that shape employee experiences and performance, to help align them with the larger architecture of strategic and operational imperatives. I enable organizations to do this through the following products and services:

  • Drive organization-wide buy-in and ownership for the strategic direction of the organization
  • Data-driven diagnosis of systemic vulnerabilities in the ability of people to deliver on strategy
  • Design solutions that enable employees to contribute to the strategy, in a manner that is meaningful for their growth and values their experiences. Key solutions include organization structure design, capability mapping for role fitment, performance management system design, busines process re-engineering

Design and implementation of a people-centered change management strategy that ensures a smooth and sustainable transition to the new operating model

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