Leif Sorensen, Senior Consultant

Leading our OnFlow analytics

Based in New York, USA

Beginning with early work in the Peace Corps, Leif has over 15 years in international consultancy, specializing in strategic analytics and organizational development.

He has a passion for connecting people and building collective acumen for working in an increasingly complex and rapidly changing world.

Technically disciplined and analytical, Leif enjoys identifying and crafting solutions to problems.

Participative approaches he relied on in his early grass roots work inform the way he helps the whole of organizations find the solutions that make most sense for them.

His style combines a collaborative and reflective listening approach with strong data driven practices to bring about positive change.

“I’ve learned that I still have a lot to learn.”
— Maya Angelou

Leif Sorensen in his own words

Me and my PI Behavioral Assessment (BA)
My Predictive Index profile is an “Operator”, emphasizing technical precision and analytics orientation, with an approach that is accommodating and values listening to others. The behavioral patterns of my profile are characterized as stabilizing and persistent. These are both a strength for me in my work, but also create an inherent internal tension for me as my desire for stability at times leads me to delay taking immediate action when information is limited.

I have a genuine preference for collaborative approaches (as indicated by a low-A) in which I welcome and thrive on engagement with others. At the same time, I am naturally introspective, and thus my ways of working highlights listening and independent analysis and reflection. My synthesis pattern highlights increased attention to “driving” – leading me to value change and pushing for development of innovative solutions.


Me and OnFlow

As an international development professional devoted to supporting people and organizations, my work is designed to help people and organizations:

  • holistically analyze, understand and articulate the dynamics of their internal and external environments
  • mutually facilitate the design of solutions with stakeholders
  • equip people and organizations to operate effectively and sustainably

My work is grounded in experience working with a wide variety of international organizations, and based on our commitment to “changing organisations for good”. I combine analytical rigor with a systematic focus on understanding the “soft” dynamics that connect people within organizations to build resilience and ability to respond to a rapidly changing world. My work emphasizes participatory approaches, building on lessons learned at the grassroots level as a United States Peace Corps volunteer in rural Paraguay and applied while in multiple roles supporting multinationals undergoing complex change, including extensive work within the United Nations System at country, regional and headquarters levels.

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