Jessica Noon, Senior Consultant

Leading our dynamictalent practice

13 years in transformative HR, building and scaling new functions and businesses through people-focused strategies.

A passionate people advocate, Jessica earned an MBA in Global Leadership, has held leadership positions in Learning & Development and in Talent Acquisition, and is experienced with developing talent at small, midsize, and global companies across the healthcare, automotive, marketing, and consulting sectors.

Interested in people, building relationships, and teamwork rather than task-driven matters. Affable, optimistic, and easily trusting.
Risk-taking, daring, and focused on future goals, Jessica is more concerned with where she’s going than either how she’ll get there, or where she’s been.

Adaptable, operates flexibly. Makes decisions and takes action. Confident in own ideas and unimpressed with tradition.

“All it takes is a belief that people are fundamentally good—and enough courage to treat your people like owners instead of machines. Machines do their jobs; owners do whatever is needed to make their companies and teams successful.”
— Laszlo Bock

Jessica Noon in her own words

Me and my PI Behavioral Assessment (BA)
When I tell people I’m a “Promoter,” they’re often surprised to find out I’m also an introvert at heart! I love people and it’s important for me to be able to build real, trusting connections and create meaningful learning and community experiences with our clients. My low (D) factor will show you I prefer fluid, strategic, big-picture work over smaller tasks and details – the best way to motivate me is to give me an unstructured, complex, impactful challenge to solve and then let me try things. I love pilots and continuous development. I’m confident and moderately assertive, but I prefer to land on a decision after I hear perspectives from people who will be affected by it. I’ve found a niche and balance in HR because it fulfills my passion for advocating for people. It’s my mission to influence the way things are done, so more workplaces can be people-centered.

Me and OnFlow

Organizations win when people win – and we believe organizations have a deep inherent responsibility to protect and include all their people and to help them thrive. In our Dynamic Talent practice, we believe that for organizations to do good in the world, they must first start with the people who work with them.

To make the world a better place for talent, I work with clients to co-create workplaces where all people, individually and collectively, can truly thrive. In our Dynamic Talent practice, we partner with clients to develop, engage, and include their people in creating the future. We do this via three major Talent service areas:

  • Grow Talent: Reimagine your internal mobility and talent development programs for future-readiness. Revamp your L&D function or programs for experiential learning, proactivity and change-friendliness.
  • Keep Talent: Engineer your organization to enhance performance, engagement, motivation, innovation, and purposeful collaboration.
  • Build Teams: Connect strategy to people and behavior. Build new practices that optimize the experience of working in groups. Discover new ways to understand and strategically utilize the best strengths of each team member.

I’m passionate about making space for all voices and disrupting the traditionally accepted “ways of doing things” to find what really works for people, long-term. Between distinctive learning programs, workshops, consultative partnerships, and our certification with The Predictive Index, we’re ready to help you realign your leadership team, your organization, and your people to make your company a force for good in the lives of your people.

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