Jessica Lamb, Consultant Analyst

Specializing in strategic communications

With a Bachelor of Science in Communication Studies and a Master of Science in Communication, Jessica has a wealth of knowledge in several aspects of the field. She is an organized self-starter and team-player, with a passion for organizational excellence. She constantly looks for ways to improve and promote organizations through new ideas, initiatives, and communications.

Jessica’s expertise is grounded in interpersonal, group/team, organizational, and rhetorical communication. As a data-driven individual, she always strives to put theory into practice. She often researches, designs, and implements various tools and resources to ensure everyone is successful in their work. Jessica works across our product service lines to provide strategic communications advisory to help our clients plan for and implement communication strategies that will contribute to effective project outcomes.

Passionate, innovative, dedicated, and professional – Jessica loves working with others to find creative solutions to problems.

“Every thought you produce, anything you say, any action you do, it bears your signature.”
— Thich Nhat Hanh

Jessica Lamb in her own words

Me and my PI Behavioral Assessment (BA)
My Predictive Index profile is a “Collaborator,” which aligns well with my passion for communication. As a highly empathetic person, I constantly strive to understand the points of view and emotions of others. Bringing diverse voices, and unique perspectives, into the conversation is essential for success. I believe in transparency, and as a lifelong learner I value the opinions of others. Working together, we can create more meaningful work and make a positive impact in our organizations. My high “B” in my PI profile indicates my preference to externally process thoughts when brainstorming, but I also practice active listening. I want to ensure everyone can contribute in the ways that work best for them. I love to facilitate conversations, so everyone’s voice is heard and understood. It is my mission to use my skills and knowledge in the field of communication to educate, engage, and enable others.

Me and OnFlow

Organizations are constructed by communication. They are made up of individuals and groups, all of whom contribute to the organization’s mission, vision, values, and culture. This collective construction is grounded in mutual understanding and influence. Everyone is a key player in the success of an organization, and how that success is achieved. My background in internal and external communications has given me a unique understanding of the complex relationship between organizational identity and image. Through open, authentic, and thoughtful communication, we can create a shared sense of identity within our organization and a positive image outside of it.

Communication is an art, but it is also a tool. When organizations understand the value in strategic communication, they are better equipped to thrive and achieve their mission. It is my goal to enable organizations to change for good, by helping them create a shared sense of meaning and purpose. We can do this by working together to define the tools and resources your organization needs to be successful, creating a strategy to meet your goals, and effectively communicating the implementation of our plan to everyone at your organization.

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