Heather Fitch, Operations

Project and finance assistant

Canadian Born, lived in the UK for 13 years now based in New Jersey, USA since 2006. 10 years’ experience in providing project and finance support in consulting and other sectors. Broad experience in developing and delivering practical operations solutions.

An Individualist is highly independent and persistent, while remaining results oriented. Heather is private, serious, introspective, and reserved. Task-focused; often notices and is driven to fix technical problems, cutting through any personal/emotional issues. Assertive drive to accomplish personal goals by working around or through roadblocks. Communicates directly and to the point.

“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again tomorrow.””
— Mary Anne Radmacher

Heather Fitch in her own words

Me and my PI Behavioral Assessment (BA)
My profile is a “Controller”: detail-oriented and conservative, my preference is high quality and technical work. My BA is spot on in highlighting that I am detail-oriented and precise; follow through is deep and literal to ensure tasks are completed in accordance with quality standards. At the same time, my high C (low “Patience”) indicates my independent thinking and creativity and my need for variety and action. I therefore have an internal conflict between my desire to get things done and get things right. This is evident in my self-concept, which shows a shift towards increased flexibility. My synthesis profile, incorporating this as well as an effort to be less reserved, resembles that of a “Strategist”, which I think is an accurate portrayal of how I now most like to work.

Me and OnFlow

I gained my initial experience in project accounting and support while working for Gibb, a large consultancy firm based in Reading, UK. I got deeper into financial management working as an Account Assistant for a car dealership. Through this experience I had gained fulfillment making important contributions to the work of teams.

When I moved to the US my priorities quickly changed, and I became a full-time homemaker, responsible for three challenging children. Once Bob established Fitch Consulting, I provided initially incidental support, mainly with accounting. As the business has grown, its purpose has motivated me to become more involved, and my role has grown to include a wider range of project support activities as well as HR administration. I greatly value the flexible employment arrangements that the company champions and am keen to help it on its mission of changing organizations for good.

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