Engaging the whole organization

Changing for good requires fresh thinking – we help that by bringing a fresh approach, grounded in the belief that when change is done well, it is understood, designed and implemented by your people. Each one of your employees brings different perspectives and values to the change journey, and it is our job to help you engage and inspire your people so that your organization is equipped to embrace and thrive on change, and your people are encouraged to be their best selves.

Our process assumes that you are the experts in your organization. We believe that you play the integral role in diagnosing challenges and developing solutions, and we are there to help facilitate that process. Our role in the process is to serve as the Trusted Advisor, balancing empathy with the need to ask hard questions at every step of our engagement.

Our methods emphasize participation, engagement, and transparency. For us, participation is necessary but insufficient for success; the objective must be to achieve true engagement of stakeholders, especially internally, so that staff learn what matters and build shared beliefs and opinions. Going from participation to engagement demands clear and two-way communications that progressively build understanding and motivation, and project governance and leadership that builds trust in the process and thus in the outcome.