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Thought Partnership: A New Perspective for the New Year

17 January 2022


Think about the last time you asked someone to check your work. Maybe you asked a copy editor to proofread a proposal or an accountant to review your financial plans. What was your reason for seeking assistance? Assuming you’ve applied all your industry expertise, the requisite time, and thorough research — and knowing no one knows your business like you do — what could someone else possibly add to your best efforts? And the answer is, of course, a fresh perspective.

When we spend most of our time intently focused on a single object or objective, it’s easy to get myopic. But a purely internal point of view risks unintended limits on your company’s prospects for growth and adaptability. Whether your business needs a new approach to communication and collaboration, strategies for building on what’s working, or assistance making positive, strategic change in response to discernible industry trends, a fresh perspective can make all the difference to building your business success without weakening your leadership influence.

Worthwhile perspectives

With no shortage of business consultants, coaches, mentors, masterminds, advisors, etc. proffering their services and expertise, how do you find an outside perspective worthy of your time and attention? Start with an honest evaluation of the type of help you need. Is your problem simple and narrowly focused or complex and company-wide?

Next, make sure to define your terms. A business consultant, for instance, typically offers an evaluation of your current business practices which may or may not include recommendations for improvement. Strategists, aka strategy consultants, help your business develop specific plans aimed at specific goals, and financial advisors help your company stay financially healthy with advice on the stability of your investments and the feasibility of your financial plans.

Find reliable help by consulting industry or professional associations, local groups — such as your community’s Chamber of Commerce — and your own trusted acquaintances. Mentors and peers in similar fields are a good place to start, but even those outside your industry can help you identify trustworthy, and worthwhile, outside perspectives. The idea is to find a thought partner whose business philosophy complements your own and whose vision and expertise can enhance your company’s potential.

Advantages of an outside perspective

You know your business inside and out, but that level of involvement frequently contributes to tunnel vision. Dedication and good intentions are important, but your business can also benefit from clear and measurable goals, market research, industry knowledge and experience, agility, adaptability, and a people-centered approach. Potential benefits of an alternate viewpoint include:

Focus areas to consider

An objective outside perspective may raise unexpected issues, but an experienced advisor’s thoughts are typically worth your attention — particularly when they adopt a “thought partnership” advisory approach. Whether recommendations are limited to your acknowledged areas of concern or based on a full-scope evaluation, a thought partner is focused on helping you maximize your company’s potential. You can expect honest and thorough feedback on everything from managing team dynamics for optimal collaboration to balancing your growth strategy for both progress and financial stability.

Thought partners focus on identifying challenges, encouraging accountability, and helping your team brainstorm creative solutions for improved efficiency, productivity, and progress.

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