Managing Uncertainty and Change

Since its foundation, Fitch Consulting has worked extensively to help international NGOs, development agencies and other organizations create a better world for all. We feel privileged to have been involved in and proud of this work. We are committed to making the fullest possible contribution.

We know that the humanitarian affairs and international development arena is rapidly transforming, due to far-reaching trends that include:

  • Stakeholders demanding more participative and transparent approaches and a shift in power towards those being served.
  • Project funding becoming increasingly tied to results and the ability to deliver sustainable change, while unrestricted core funding remains in short supply.
  • Technology redefining the ways internal and external stakeholders can work together and enabling real-time visibility into key metrics and performance.

These and other factors are creating a truly VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) situation. It has been evident for some time that the well-established ways of working are not suited to these conditions. Covid-19 has confirmed and exacerbated this by completely upending the assumptions on which organizations’ plans were based and making the future even more uncertain.

We have embarked on research that will explore how global Foundations and NGOs are coping with uncertainty and change and highlight the practices that seem best suited to managing the future

The research will engage a diverse sample of 50+ global Foundations and NGOs across various disciplines (including youth, education, health and climate change) through a concise online survey complemented by interviews with leaders working in management and strategy, HR and operations and programming. Organizations participating in this research will generate and have real-time access to open, anonymized data that will reveal:

  • Key strategic external challenges and opportunities facing organizations as we enter the post-Covid-19 operating environment.
  • How organizations are interpreting, responding, and equipping themselves internally to respond to uncertainty and change.
  • The role of people in this change process and the ways in which they are empowered, engaged and involved to find the best ways to anticipate and deliver in the future.

The research generated will be shared through a range of media include a full findings report, blog articles, conference presentations and webinars. Participants will also have access to fellow contributing organizations in a networking event whereby findings will be shared, explored and discussed.

If you would like to find out more and/or participate in this research, please contact