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Leading Virtual Teams

8 September 2021

leading virtual teams

The world has been moving to flexible, hybrid, and remote working for years now. As people managers, what are the differences in building and growing culture, teams, and people in a virtual context? We’ve created a workshop experience to help you excel as a people and team manager in the new world of work.

In this modular, customizable, case-oriented learning experience, participants collaborate and experiment with new tools and methodologies for leading virtually. Contact us to learn more.

Virtual Collaboration Tools
A tactical exercise in using collaboration tools to achieve specific outcomes in a group setting.
Autonomy and Delegation
Go beyond task management and practice creating transparency through delegating autonomy and following up on results.
Two-Way Engagement
Are you listening to your people? Are you providing them with the right feedback at the right times? Practice engaging constructively and proactively with your teams.
Proactive Culture: Transparency, Community, Innovation
Virtual and hybrid work doesn’t have to mean losing your culture. Where is your culture now, and where do you want it to be? Learn to construct team environments that are culture-enhancing.
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