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Has your organization mastered the art of coping with relentless uncertainty and high-velocity change?

Research consistently shows that only about 30% of “change projects” achieve their objectives. This is simply not good enough.

But now change tends not to happen in discrete projects – instead it comes in waves that often cross and disrupt each other. Change is relentless, ambiguous and complex.

So, a success rate of 30% might now look ambitious! If your organization is to thrive, it must embrace and master change.

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Our Solution: Wiring the organization to systematically enable people to confidently deal with uncertainty and complexity

We think of this as: Changing organizations for good
We don’t just help you deal with your immediate challenges – our aim is to help you learn how to embrace and thrive on change.

Through research and practice we have identified the qualities and conditions that are essential to organizations becoming places where people – individually and collectively – thrive on change and deliver sustained success.

Driven by a shared purpose
Designed to keep all parts working as one
Wired to connect and inspire people
Equipped to handle complexity
And quick to learn and adapt

The starting point is a crystal clear and compelling purpose that binds the essential qualities together and propels your organization to sustained superior performance.

Meeting your needs Services tailored to your needs

We deliver inspiration and know-how through three distinctive – and highly inter-related – specialist service areas:

Organizational Flow (OnFlow)

A distinctive development methodology that wires organizations to connect and inspire people, and to be quick to learn and adapt while staying true to its purpose

Dynamic Learning

Learning & Development services focused on creating behaviorally-adapted learning journeys that encourage people to become their best selves

Fluent Change

More than our change management methodology this comprises the principles and techniques that we instill in our clients to ensure they can continually adapt and thrive

Our people-centered approach is powered by our relationship as a Certified Partner of The Predictive Index, a provider of a talent optimization platform that blends software and knowledge transfer to enable data-driven solutions to hiring, inspiring and engaging your most valuable asset.

We integrate PI’s pioneering methods into our solutions, providing our clients with the ability to keep people motivated and aligned while adapting at speed.

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How we help: Your partners in change

Changing for good requires fresh thinking – we help that by bringing a fresh approach. At its core, our approach is grounded in the belief that when change is done well, it is understood, designed and implemented by your people. Each one of your employees brings different perspectives and values to the change journey, and it is our job to help you engage and inspire your people so that your organization is equipped to embrace and thrive on change, and your people are encouraged to be their best selves.

Our process assumes that you are the experts in your organization. We believe that you play the integral role in diagnosing challenges and developing solutions, and we are there to help facilitate that process. Our role in the process is to serve as the Trusted Advisor, balancing empathy with the need to ask hard questions at every step of our engagement. We do this by:

Working with the whole organization, not just relying on those holding power
Introducing methods designed to engage and inspire stakeholders
Being evidence-informed, blending data and opinion to facilitate sound decision-making
Helping our partners apply the people-centered philosophy to every aspect of their design

We are there to travel with you as we together change for good.

Our clients value our distinctive and attentive approach:

"Fitch Consulting delivered a team of emotionally intelligent, empathetic and likeable members that related well to staff and looked for ways to provide value added services throughout the project".
"Staff have come to trust Fitch and have shared information, thoughts and ideas freely. Their collaborative and inclusive approach has been much appreciated - throughout the year, I always understood where we were in the process, what work was being done, and how I could contribute."

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