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What is preventing your breakthrough in the new world of work?

Uncertainty and complexity abound. Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, keeping your business on a well understood path was hugely challenging. The continual market disruption you’ve been dealing with can make mapping out the future feel like a futile exercise.

Adding to this challenge, you need to create a new model of work. People – including the talent vital to your success – are looking for new ways to integrate work into their lives. To thrive, you need to find practical (and very probably creative) solutions.

Despite all this, you know the strengths of your business and sense that these challenges are bringing opportunity – if only you could connect the pieces of the puzzle to create a new and inspiring model of work.

And you have bold ideas – your team just lacks the collective headspace to confidently map out your future.

If only there was a thought partner you could turn to, a trusted advisor that can help you find the path that is right for you…

There is. Meet Fitch Consulting.

We have identified the qualities and conditions that are essential to organizations becoming places where people – individually and collectively – thrive and excel. We call this state Organizational Flow – or OnFlow.

As well as defining the ideal state, OnFlow provides a framework and diagnostic tools that help you analyze where you are today and design the organization you aspire to be – whatever combination of in-person and virtual work is right for you.

Once you have mapped out your journey, we offer customizable support under three service lines:

Meeting your needs

Services tailored to your needs

Once you have mapped out our journey, we offer customizable support under three service lines:

generativestrategy helps you create a shared and futuristic vision.

dynamictalent builds the essential capabilities demanded by this vision.

fluentchange creates the methods and behaviors essential to resilience and sustained success.

Our services are powered by our relationship as a Certified Partner to The Predictive Index (, a provider of a ground-breaking talent optimization platform. This platform blends software and knowledge transfer to enable data-driven solutions that connect your business and people strategies and help every employee grow and perform to their full potential.

The secret to your breakthrough is co-creativity

Our specialists act to become your trusted advisors and thought partners, empathetic to your situation while remaining objective and willing to challenge you when necessary. We help bring about sustainable change by:

Working with the whole organization, at all levels.

Introducing participative methods designed to engage and inspire your team.

Being evidence-based, blending data and opinion to facilitate sound decision-making.

Our aim is to enable you, to add value where it is essential to your journey to OnFlow so that we can co-create inspired solutions.

We apply this philosophy to all our client work, to build lasting relationships that matter.

Fitch Consulting delivered a team of emotionally intelligent, empathetic and likeable members that related well to staff and looked for ways to provide value added services throughout the project.

Staff have come to trust Fitch and have shared information, thoughts and ideas freely. Their collaborative and inclusive approach has been much appreciated – throughout the year, I always understood where we were in the process, what work was being done, and how I could contribute.

Next Steps

Find out whether we are the thought partner you need

Trust takes time to build. Please choose one of the following first steps and find out what we can do for you.


Get your own no-cost PI Behavioral Assessment

Let us help you dig deep into your work styles and how you drive change

Book a no-cost Thought Partner Consultation

Challenge us to inject some fresh ideas

Book a Talent Optimization Demo

Discover the data-driven approach to building strategic alignment

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