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Keynotes: Talent optimization as a path to being people-centered

The first essential step in the journey to Change for Good is a commitment to become truly people centered. Not everything in organizational design is about people; but everything must be for people. We are all wired differently; if organizations are to thrive, they need to understand these differences and help people bring their whole selves to work to the benefit of the organization. They need to promote high levels of self-awareness, especially among those charged with managing people, so that people can connect and collaborate in ways that deliver collective excellence.

This is as difficult as it is essential, and it requires methodological rigor. We have built this rigor through the application of the talent optimization approach pioneered by The Predictive Index ( Talent optimization provides a systematic way of developing a talent strategy that aligns with an organization’s overall strategy to help elevate the performance and productivity of people and thus ensure the achievement of desired results. At the core of talent optimization is the collection, analysis, and application of people data (find out more at


When organizations put people analytics front and center, they can make informed, objective decisions (and reduce unconscious bias). People data helps leaders to predict workplace behavior so they can hire the right candidates, design goal-crushing teams, cultivate an award-winning culture, and manage employees according to their unique preferences. This is achieved by helping safeguard against the four forces that undermine an individual employee’s engagement, namely misalignment with their job, their manager, their team and their organization’s culture.

This data driven approach was our key motivator to becoming a certified partner of The Predictive Index. Change for Good occurs when every employee has the organizational and self-awareness required to grow together. PI provides the platform to develop this self-awareness and thus sustain change throughout the whole organization, creating a more energized and fulfilling workplace, which underlies PI’s vision of “Better Work, Better World” and our commitment to Changing Organizations for Good.