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Keynotes: The essentials of Changing Organizations for Good

6 January 2020

There are no simple solutions to the intense challenges posed by the change imperative – but experience is confirming that organizations need the following qualities if they are to survive and thrive. A crystal-clear purpose: this does not have to be a “change the world” lodestar; it is far more important that it is genuine… Read More

Keynotes: Talent optimization as a path to being people-centered

6 January 2020

The first essential step in the journey to Change for Good is a commitment to become truly people centered. Not everything in organizational design is about people; but everything must be for people. We are all wired differently; if organizations are to thrive, they need to understand these differences and help people bring their whole… Read More

Research insights: The pivotal role of Purpose

6 January 2020

Increasingly there is research that substantiates the claimed value of Purpose; importantly, this research also shows when Purpose will most likely deliver real and lasting benefit. Of especial significance is research on Corporate Purpose and Financial Performance, based on more than 450,000 survey responses of worker perceptions about their employers, from a sample of 429… Read More

Keynotes: Achieving clarity of Purpose

6 January 2020

Purpose has become a buzzword in recent years. This can be viewed as a positive development, as Purpose is pivotal to Organizational Flow. At the same time, some of the hype risks obscuring the essential value of purpose to organizational performance. It is important to narrow down what Purpose is and how it should be… Read More

Keynotes: Defining Changing Organizations for Good

6 January 2020

Many people initially imagine that “changing for good” must involve the delivery of some form of societal benefit that is greater than might normally be expected, especially given the intensely challenging conditions many organizations now cope with. In fact, this type of social impact is not essential to Changing Organizations for Good. This is not… Read More

Keynotes: The change imperative

6 January 2020

We often hear that ‘change is the new normal’; if organizations are to thrive then continual learning, change and innovation is essential. This feels right to us. Since Fitch’s launch in 2010 our clients have increasingly shared anxieties stemming from coping with conditions that are not only continually changing, sometimes drastically and abruptly, but that… Read More

The benefits of being people-centered

18 March 2019

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