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Blended and Flexible Learning: Integrating Learning into [Work] Life

15 October 2021

Employee training always looks — and sounds and feels — something like this: white walls — at least one covered by a chalk- or whiteboard — rough, industrial-grade carpet, buzzing fluorescent lights, and hard plastic chairs occupied by bored, squirming employees doing everything they can to stifle yawns. The room is either too hot or too cold. The audience is captive, the instructor is performing enthusiasm, and the material is, at best, canned. You’ve been there, right? You remember the experience clearly — but how well do you remember the content?

Guided Autonomy & Team Dynamics in the Hybrid Workplace

20 September 2021

81% of workers prefer remote or hybrid work models. What can your company do to adapt to the new normal without sacrificing productivity and growth? It’s all about guided autonomy and team dynamics.

Leading Virtual Teams

8 September 2021

The world has been moving to flexible, hybrid, and remote working for years now. As people managers, what are the differences in building and growing culture, teams, …

A New Endeavor in Public Health

7 September 2021

We are excited to announce a new project with an international public health organization.  This organization recently engaged Fitch Consulting to undertake a learning …

We’re Hiring!

6 September 2021

We are now seeking individuals motivated to join us as Consultant Analysts and contribute to the further evolution of OnFlow and the continued growth of the value we …

Dynamic Coaching for a Dynamic Workplace

25 August 2021

Does your company use coaching to empower employees? Empowered employees are more confident, creative, and productive. Implement dynamic coaching to help build alignment at every level of your organization.

Role, Team, and Mission: Achieving Employee Alignment

22 July 2021

Employee alignment is key to better collaboration and more productivity. Are your employees fully invested in your mission? Do they get personal satisfaction when your organization meets its goals? Successful alignment clearly defines employee roles, team goals, and your organization’s mission.

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16 June 2021

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Top 3 Change Management Challenges Facing Leaders Today — and How to Solve Them

24 May 2021

Change is the new normal, and many organizations are still adjusting to COVID-related changes. Here’s how to solve the top three change management issues plaguing organizations today.

Aligning to Leverage Organizational Collective Intelligence

21 April 2021

All organizations have knowledge silos. Imagine how much your company could improve if you found a way to harness all of the collective intelligence of everyone on your team.

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